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Guided tours in Oulu

Is that garlic you smell? Was that someone screaming? And where’s that air guitar? Or would you like a bite of Rössypottu? The Oulu region guides know everything worth knowing about the region and in fact, much more than that, for example a lot of fascinating stories. You only have to choose a guided tour or a walk and enjoy the atmosphere.

For further information click http://www.oulutourism.fi/en/tekemista/opastetut_kierrokset_ja_risteilyt.aspx

Nahkatehtaankatu 6, PL 53
90015 Oulun kaupunki
+ 358 (0)440 224 060


Mobile-guided marine story route in Oulu

OuluGo is a recorded guide for the Marine Route. Enjoy the stories of the sights and history of the City of Oulu. Language options are Finnish and English.

OuluGo Audio: Load the audio clips into your MP3- player in the address www.oulutourism.fi/oulugo or rent a player from the tourist information office. Listen to the numbered recording along the route as indicated on the map.

OuluGo Mobile: Go mobile to oulugo.mobi and download the free audio guide. The service requires a network connection. The panOULU open wireless internet access is available at the city centre of Oulu.


Tales from Raahe

Kertomuksia Raahesta vuodelta 1925, written by Samuli Paulaharju:


Stories from the roadside

Story-telling tradition related to the Bothnian Coast Road from Eurajoki Irjanne, Mullila and Huhta villages.


Compiled by Tarja Laine.


Read Irjanne tales from here! (in finnish)


Guided tours in Eurajoki

At Vuojoki Mansion, Välimaa Croft, Eurajoki museums and Liinmaan castle site you can experience guided tours made alive by the spirit of the particular era. The guides who play historical roles and wear role costumes take you on unforgettable time travel to the historic past of Eurajoki. You can choose e.g. the Björkenheim family as the owners and builders of Vuojoki , farming at Vuojoki, architecture at the Vuojoki Mansion or the everyday life of a servant girl. There are also adventure tours for children. Language options: Finnish, Swedish, English, German and French. Enquiries and reservations at Vuojoki Mansion +358 2 8399 7700 or by e-mail vuojoki(at)vuojoki.fi


Colloquial phrases from Merikarvia

Merikarvia dialect is a combination of the Swedish language spoken on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, some Southern Ostrobothnian dialects and Tavastian dialects which makes it a so-called transition dialect. The phrases were compiled by Joel Itäkylä (1919-1997). The old Pröttikarvia language use is characterised by the proximity of sea and maritime way of life. The dialect vocabulary is available here:



Dialect dictionary from Southern Ostrobothnia

A dialect dictionary compiled by YLE Pohjanmaa for tourists. A representative sample of Ostrobothnian utterances with explanations. Southern Ostrobothnian dialectal words and phrases are available in the address: http://yle.fi/alueet/pohjanmaa/murresanakirja/

Dialectal vocabulary from Laitila