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In the Maps-section you can look at route maps from area along the Bothnian Coast Road and print them as well as get to know the history of the roads and with old maps.


Old maps can tell us what the scenery looked like for hundreds of years ago. The longer back in time we go, the more inaccurate were the maps. This is due to the measuring techniques available then and the purpose of the use of the maps.


For hundreds of years ago the routes were first narrow horse treks which later became wagon trails and roads. Road construction has always been work that has required a lot of effort. This was true especially for hundreds of years ago when peasants had to do everything by hand, often under penalty of fine or even imprisonment.


By comparing old maps with for example modern base maps we can see what changes have taken place in the scenery or what has remained the same for even hundreds of years.


Eurajoki great partition map, 1777

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