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Bothnian Coast Road – almost 900 km of nature, culture and local tourism


Bothnian Coast Road gained the national status as a tourist route in 2010. It is the latest national tourist route in Finland and stretches from Vehmaa in the southern Finland to Tornio, the gateway to Lapland. The coastal road has connected the towns at the river mouths along the west coast since the Middle Ages. In the Late Middle Ages the coastal road along the west coast acted as a route and as a post road, and it extended around the Gulf of Bothnia till the southern parts of Sweden.
The Bothnian Coast Road acts as a geographically uniting historical road. Several other tourist routes diverge from it, including e.g. the Northern Lights Route, the Tar Route, the Blue Road of Finland and the Archipelago Trail. The Bothnia Coast Road follows the coast and is an alternative to fast and straight main roads. Along the coastal road and in its vicinity there are several environments and attractions well worth stopping for.


On the Bothnian Coast Road you can experience a cross section of the history of Finnish coastal towns. The tourist route combines sea, nature and culture; it brings together stories and events. Plan, orientate and enjoy your journey which covers the best parts of Finland. Along your journey you can gather experiences and collect memories of the history of the Gulf of Bothnia, enjoy the peace of the countryside and feel the multilayered culture.


Listen Bothnian Coast Road song! Melody & Words. Veli-Matti Erkkilä.

Singers and players: Ida-Maria Ämmänkoski (solo), Inka-Erika Puurula (solo), Annu-Elina Erkkilä, Heidi-Maria Riutta, Jenny Skog, Nea Särkijärvi, Ronja Wacklin, Joona Karhu (guitar), Veli-Matti Erkkilä (bass & keyboards, record and mixing, composer, lyrics and atonement).


Bothnian Coast Road song in Kokkola Meripuisto 26.5.2012 (Leader Veli-Matti Erkkilä): Listen and See!